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    Miranda is a full-time college student who spends her days in class, her nights going to modeling gigs around New York. When her agent booked her for a photo shoot for a line of hosiery, she was excited because she secretly had a thing for stockings. When she arrived at the shoot, the photographer showed her the pirate outfit, fishnets she was going to wear, she smiled. She only hoped that she would be able to keep them after the shoot was over. Things started off innocently enough, with the photographer asking her to strike different poses. It wasn't until he asked her if she minded taking off her panties that her pussy began to throb. "I'd never done nude modeling before, but I was so into it that I slid my panties right off," she confessed. "The more that he told me what to do, the more excited I became. When I noticed his erection, I started playing with myself. I couldn't help it." She became even more aroused when he gave her this string of pearls to play with. "I have very sensitive feet, I am very ticklish," she said. "He came over, grabbed my feet, kissing them, licking them. Then he ripped my fishnets, exposing my toes, looped these pearls through them. Once they were tangled in my toes, he pulled on them slowly so each pearl slid, stretched my toes out. I had never experienced anything like it. He was playing with my feet but I felt like he was touching my pussy."