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    When Nordic goddess Vicky catches her new gardener Trent peeping in her windows, she knows it's time for him to be taught a leggy lesson, shown who the boss is. She puts on her finest sheer hose, most-fierce stiletto heels, seduces him by waving her peds in his face. Before long, this heel boy is down on his knees, face pressed to Vicky's gusset, inhaling her fragrance, eating her pussy through the nylon. Once Trent sucked her pussy clean of all her cum, Vicky schooled him in the art of foot sucking, how she liked to have her tits sucked. Seeing he was an apt pupil, she straddled him, let him slide his big cock inside her tight pussy. Screaming words of encouragement to her newest toy, Vicky coated his cock with her cum, grinding on him for all he was worth. Knowing that she could train him to do whatever she wanted, she had him slide his cock into her asshole. After all, she needed to be satisfied in every way. After climaxing on his cock again, she allowed him to coat her feet with his man batter.