Mommies Feet - "Here I Lie" Iron Fist Heels

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    Released on 12-14-2011. Every girl should own at least one or more pairs of Iron Fist Heels. This is my second pair and surely not my last! They are entitled "Here I Lie". Where am I lying you ask... in Davey Jones' Locker I assume by looks of the pattern all over them (arrrrrrggg)! The artwork is what caught my eye and I desired them instantly. My favorite part is by the open toe where you can see the wide open mouth of a massive shark. With my nautical tattoos these shoes just couldn't be more fitting! A special thank you goes out to my little "slow poke" who sent them to me for my birthday. The polish was sent by a follower who is in my Twitter stream. OPI "Suzi Says Feng Shui" and "Off With Her Red!" alternate on my toes and match perfectly with my theme. (27 pictures)

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