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    Right after Ryan debuted in her Wu's Feetlinks Feature Model Fishing set, and then here with her Duck Pond set one week later, the emails were quickly pouring in from a ton of people. Many of you had all kinds of great ideas for shoots, many of which I shared with Ryan.
    One of those set ideas was a tennis shoes and no socks set. I mentioned it to Ryan and told her many of us, myself included, like smelling a girl's feet when they've been trapped in shoes for some time. She laughed and said she was game.
    The day we got together to shoot this set Ryan had went to school in her black/gray Vans and had wore no socks. I expected her to just bring a pair of shoes for the shoot, but nope. Ryan wore the Vans to school for a few hours. When she finally pulled them off her feet, a few seconds later I could smell her feet. I teased her because she claimed her feet don't smell. Well, there I was several feet away and could smell them - outside even. Smelled quite nice, might I add.

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