Exclusive Foot Fetish - Romana

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    Name: Romana, Occupation: Unemployed, Feet Size (US): 10 1/2 (10,16"), Feet Size (EU): 41 (25,7cm), Age: 19, Nationality: Czech. I met this girl at a bus stop, but it was hard with her. She was not very smart as is probably evident from her facial expressions. When I persuaded her for photographing and came with her to my apartment, I wanted to start to photograph her, but she told me that she thought that we will just talk. I almost fired her after 2 hours of silly discussion, but I did not want to lose the chance to see her big feet. Finally she really took off her dirty socks and I photographed her in a jeans, which she did not want to take off. I must say that the smell of her soles was strong.