Hot Legs and Feet - The Delightful Amazon

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    Nessi Boob from Czeck Republic brings quite an extraordinary figure to the inner movie screen of our delicious dreams! Not only is she 5'8' tall and curvy, but she's got a pair of 40DD knockers that really add to her delightfully Amazonian appeal. The possibilities are endless... Sure, she stretches out on a couch in her aqua-colored top and cherry-patterned pantyhose. She showcases her size 9 feet in the hosiery, tempting us with her polished fingers and toenails. But when she takes off her shirt we realize we've got double-duty to perform for this young goddess. Yep, those jugs will have to be serviced along with her feet! We can hold onto her pigtails as we nuzzle her nummies and she pulls our bodies close as she wraps her long legs around our waists! Wow, we're getting carried away with our reveries. But as Nessi Boob strips off the pantyhose, our visions only ramp up, as she reveals her voluptuous nudity inch by inch, teasing with the pantyhose as long as she can, until she's finally unveiled in her barefoot splendor for our adoration along every inch, but especially at those toes and ta-tas!