Hot Legs and Feet - A perfect ten!

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    Wow, this girl has some body. This is the sort of girl dreams are made of, and DDF supplies! Welcome Claudia! I'm not sure where Deny finds these babes, but he must have like a secret world that only he has access too! Well, it's nice that he shares it with us anyways! She's like the girl next door here. Hanging out in jeans and a blouse, kicking off her sneakers, and revealing some pantyhose underneath. Then all of a sudden, POW, BOOM, BAMM, she slides those jeans off her ass and it hits us like a cannonball! My goodness what an ass! Just perfect! Once the jeans are off shes left in baby blue panties and thigh high stockings and man does she look good! Then her boobies pop out, holy shit! Just amazing! I'm sure all of you would agree with me when I say, if one of those were in my mouth life would be complete! Then everything comes off, and if you make it to the seventh page without splooging all over yourself, you should give yourself a hand!