Hot Legs and Feet - Toe sucking is medicinal!

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    I'm Victoria Rose a sexy babe from Prague, just the other day I hurt my ankle believe it or not walk on the cobble stones streets. It's really kind of funny because I'm from Prague and I've been walking on these stones my entire live. Yesterday I went for a short walk out in the country and my ankle really started to hurt I started limping and then I sat down for a rest. This guy came up from behind me and I asked him to help me, it look like he had been working because he had a big chain saw in his hand. His name was Steve Q. he was nice and really cute, just the kind of guy I like. He held my leg and examined my foot and then he began rubbing my ankle, it still hurt but not as bad as I lead on I really liked what he was doing and I didn't want him stop. He lifted my foot up to my mouth and began licking and sucking on my toes, needless to say I forgot about the pain and just enjoyed what he was doing. I started rubbing my foot on his cock as he licked and sucked the toes of my other and then Steve pulled his cock out and I started stroking his cock with my foot, between my big toe and the rest. I placed my second foot around his cock and continued stroking him off, watching his cock get larger with every single stroke. I got on top of Steve face to face and wrapped my feet back around his cock, I pulled my top down and my panties to the side and started playing with my horny pussy. I got down from on top of him and got into Doggy and Steve lifted my dress up over my tight sexy tanned ass and then he got up on his knees and I went right back to foot jerking his cock. Steve started licking and kissing me all over my ass and then he stood up and I laid down on my back with my legs lifted up and he grabbed my feet and fucked them both. I could feel his cock throbbing on the bottoms of my feet as he fucked them with long hard strokes and then he released my feet and I teasingly rubbed his cock and balls. I rolled over onto my side and Steve got down on his knees and then I wrapped my feet back around his hard long cock and stroked him up and down until he shot his cum all over my little feet. I rubbed my feet together spreading is warm creamy cum all around, feeling much better and just as happy as I could be.