Hot Legs and Feet - Obey The Queen

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    If you've ever wanted to kneel before and adore a gorgeous girl in gladiator sandals, then here's your definitive chance with this foot fetish masterpiece. Today Victoria Blaze from the Czech Republic is dressed as if she's about to go to a costume party as an ancient queen, wearing a long white gown with a gold sash and golden sandals that wrap intricately around her size 6.5 feet and strap up her calves. Our DDF cameraman actually must have been laying on his belly like a humble slave to Cleopatra when he got some of these shots, because in these hot pics and fetish XXX video you'll be able to see her sandaled feet extended for your servile adoration even as, far above you, she gloats over your need to abase yourself to her awesome beauty and cruel authority. Naturally she also plays with her shaved pussy a little, to tease and deny you those treasures she only gives to her hung royal lovers like Roman generals. Still, the tantalizing of your taut testes doesn't stop there in this foot worship epic, as Queen Victoria Blaze takes off her sandals to sniff them, offer them for your licking, and then finally to drive you crazy with her soft bare soles from above. She's our Model of the Day!