Hot Legs and Feet - Firmly In Her Power!

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    It's hard to believe that not so long ago, some eye doctors believed that glasses would go the way of the dinosaur as contact lenses took over the vision correction industry. It didn't happen, and glasses today are enjoying greater popularity than ever as young women realize how much appeal they have. Case in point is Mila L. in our featured spotlight --doesn't she look soooo sexy in her specs, especially when she smiles and gives us that charming dimple? Of course, her frames just add to her spectacular fetish appeal in this new scene as she shows off her legs in a frilly mini, her boobs in a low-cut blouse, and her gams on lacy grey platform pumps with red undersoles. And let's not forget to mention her lacy white pantyhose! Our DDF cameraman clearly loved shooting lots and lots of pix of Mila as she posed her legs and bosom, her face and figure, her size 6.5 feet in the tights and half out of them, giving us her gams from low angles, high angles, straight angles--every possible position so YOU can indulge your fantasies of worshipping this splendid nineteen-year-old Russian knockout. Indulge yourself as Mila teases with her bare red-polished toes and her naked shaved pussy and puts you firmly in her charming power! She's our Model of the Day.