Hot Legs and Feet - Switchable mistress sucks toes!

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    Welcome to our girl-girl kinkfest between Rio Mariah in her black vinyl dress, stockings, and platforms, and her slave Jasmine Rouge dressed only in bra, panties, and backless heels. Jasmine's wrists and ankles are bound, so she is totally at Mistress Rio's mercy. Rio smacks Jasmine with her riding crop, then gets the submissive licking her nylon-sheathed feet and legs. But Rio is not that haughty that she's above sniffing her slave's shoes, sucking her toes, and licking her soles. That's very switchable of you, Mistress Rio! Rio reasserts control by sitting on Jasmine's face, but then she is tempted by the pussy of her bound slave so Rio turns Jasmine over on her back and licks her slit. The boundaries between mistress and slave become truly blurred as Rio slurps Jasmine's toes while Jasmine licks Rio's phallic black heels. Then Rio lays on top of Jasmine and grinds herself into the slave's bottom. We get some good closeups of Rio's ass and pussy so we can fantasize about serving her ourselves. Rio takes down Jasmine's panties finally, and gets fierce toward the end of the pix and video, using the crop to smack the submissive on her bare soles. But then Rio unbinds Jasmine's ankles and has Jasmine remove her platform shoes. Jasmine laps at Rio's nylon soles and then for a worshipful finale, the mistress covers her slave's face in her stocking-covered feet--not leaving any doubt who's still in charge in THIS relationship!