Hot Legs and Feet - Rihanna's rousing fuck and fetish!

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Cover 2 Rihanna's rousing fuck and fetish! 160 PhotosCover 3 Rihanna's rousing fuck and fetish! 160 PhotosCover 4 Rihanna's rousing fuck and fetish! 160 PhotosCover 5 Rihanna's rousing fuck and fetish! 160 PhotosCover 6 Rihanna's rousing fuck and fetish! 160 Photos
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    Rihanna Samuel is lounging in bed when George Uhl shows up to spread some holiday spirit. He gives Miss Samuel a big stuffed bunny, as well as little Easter egg ornaments. She's delighted by the attention as he festoons her bare toes with the cute little items, and of course he gets in a few licks and sucks too. If you have a fetish for long toenails, you especially will go wild over this pictorial and HD video! Rihanna has very lengthy nails on her big toes, decorated with colorful appliques. Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews capture many fantastic closeups of her delectable tootsies. Of course, there's a time for holidays and there's a time for sex, and soon George is kissing Rihanna's butt through her green leggings, as well as her feet. The ornaments are put aside so that the pair can get down to a rousing fetish-and-fuck session with no impediments to the steamy action. George eats her pussy through the crotch of her leggings, and soon she is jacking his stiffie with her naked soles. She sucks his dick, but at the same time presents her feet to us just in case we want to worship them while she gets her face filled with cockmeat. Rihanna gets roundly pumped by George, but keeps thrusting her feet toward us as if she definitely and positively wants us to participate in the total servicing of her body! And a beautiful body it is. George bangs her spoon-style and cowgirl style and doggie style, and her feet seem to grow in their allure the more she is boffed by this hardy stud. Her soles look so soft as she curls them against the bedspread. Well, it ends in a big blast of cream as Rihanna strokes off George all over her insteps, but the set doesn't end there. Rihanna takes a hollow chocolate Easter egg, bites it open, sticks it on her cum-drenched big toe, then licks it all together. This girl has a pervy mind, for sure! I'll never think of chocolate the same way again. Or Easter!!