Hot Legs and Feet - Luscious Leisure Time!

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    Playing cards have been one of humankind's greatest inventions, giving hours of pleasure and distraction to people in the midst of their daily calm and turmoil, or even war and peace. And there are many ways of utilizing those colorful timeless little cards, as Miranda from the Ukraine demonstrates when she plays with Donna from the Czech Republic. Miranda takes off her black strappy heels and holds her cards in her size 6.5 stocking feet, and then her game with Donna completely falls apart as, with her toes, she tugs off Donna's turquoise ankle socks and is soon nibbling on her friend's bare size 8.5 digits. The girls stand on their tiptoes, and then Miranda's nylons come down so she can suck and lick on her own toes and Donna can enjoy them as well. Miranda takes down Donna's thong with her feet, and then the gals get into some lesbian hijinks while our DDF cameras capture their feet on the floor level, so we can imagine crawling into the scene and kissing their toes and soles and arches while the chicks pleasure themselves above. For a finale, they sit down again and fuck their pussies with their toes and then lick the juices off their feet. Hey, maybe in the end card-playing is not quite as luscious a leisure-time activity as enjoying naked wiggly toes--at least if you're female! Most guys, though, will still swear by their poker nights!!