Tickling Submission tickled feet - Real foot tickling in nylon - Eva K

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    Eva K is a new girl here at tickling submission, she is a sweet blonde girl who is quite nervous about being tickled, we try to reassure her that everything will be ok and that we'll take it easy with her, but of course we are lying!!! We bound her in the device the Devil and let tickler Sandra loose on her sexy nylon clad soles. Now Sandra is extra hungry, she hasn't been tickler for a while and is desperate to release her pent up tickling frustrations and unfortunately for Eva this is exactly what she does! As soon as Sandra touches Eva's tiny nylon clad soles, she is gone, its too much for her, she bursts into laughter and it fills the room, this is like music to Sandra's ears and it signals she must keep tickling! Sandra's nimble fingers work quickly and efficiently and she explores and tickles every inch of Eva's feet, gaining some great reactions from her soft soles and ticklish toes. Before the clip is finished Sandra cannot resist a little work on Eva's upper body, so she lets loose, once again she gains some fantastic reactions from her soft under arms and ticklish sides, and once again sweet laughter fills the room. By the end of the clip poor Eva is completely tickled out, no longer a ticklish virgin she has been well and truly introduced to tickling submission! Unfortunately for her, we like her very much, so this maybe her first time, but it certainly won't be her last! Don't miss this sweet blonde in nylon clad tickling action, at the hands of the ever-popular tickler Sandra!

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