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    Of course, it was inevitable' there was no chance Very's feet were going to get away with just being tickled in Nylon! They are far too tiny, soft and ticklish for that! Mr.Tickler had to explore her soft bare soles; it would have been a crime not too! For part two of her foot tickling experience Mr.Tickler leaves her bound in the device the devil, her nylons are removed, her feet are bound side by side and rubbed down with a generous coating of sensual oil, it's safe to say she's ready for one hell of a foot tickling!!! Mr.Tickler doesn't hang around, her feet are too irresistible to him, he starts where he left off and instantly gets down to business! Remembering all her ticklish spots, he visits them first, his fingers are nimble and work quickly and efficiently and once again he soon has Very in fits of sweet laughter. This time Very's doesn't have the added protection of her nylons and combined with the added oil, her smooth soles are electric to the tickler touch. Feeling extra devious tickler has yet more tricks up his sleeve, and plays his 'ace card' the dreaded brush! The stiff bristles easily glide over her soft soles and introduce her to a whole new tickling world, he brushes her sweet feet without restraint and this drives her absolutely crazy, she desperately fights, wriggles and laughs hard but stands no chance. The tickler is strong and his big hands easily hold her tiny feet in position, as he unleashes all his years of foot tickling experience. If you like tiny ticklish feet then be sure not to miss this latest tickling submission, foot tickling extravaganza!

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